GPS Tracking 6450

Commercial Vehicle Productivity and Security

The 6450 is a versatile and economical GPS tracking beacon designed for fleet management needs in local delivery and service fleets, transportation, utility vans and construction vehicles.

With highly sensitive GPS and GSM embedded antennas, an integrated OBDII port connector for power and an extremely compact design, the EBR 6450 can be installed in a matter of seconds which substantially reduces the high cost of installation.

Combined with our commercial mobile monitoring portal, subscribers can manage and view the location of any or all vehicles in a fleet, run a variety of valuable reports, and even manage vehicle maintenance alerts.

Security features include vehicle theft detection and tracking.

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Features and Benefits

Real-time locationView location of vehicle on a map in real-time for dispatch and vehicle recovery
Route logsArchive records of vehicle movements
Ignition on/offKnow when vehicle engine is on or off for maintenance and productivity reports
Start and stop movementDetermine when actual arrival and departure times are
Circular zone notificationsReceive notifications upon entering or exiting circular zones - up to 5 zones monitored simultaneously
Speed notificationsManage excessive speed by receiving notifications upon crossing a configurable speed threshold
Idle report and notificationHelp eliminate fuel wastage by knowing when a vehicle engine was on but the vehicle was not utilized
Device install notificationInforms the fleet manager when the device is installed, or moved to a different vehicle
High acceleration notificationAn alert is generated when the vehicle accelerates too quickly
High deceleration notificationHarsh breaking events will generate alerts
Motion DetectionDetects vehicle movement when the ignition is turned off
Low battery notificationA warning is generated if the vehicle's battery voltage falls too low