GPS Tracking Dispatch and Navigation

Dispatch and Navigation

Fleet drivers dispatched by a central authority need help to find their destinations. Paper-based maps are difficult to use – both time consuming and unwieldy. Many target addresses may not be featured on maps.

In-vehicle navigation systems are convenient, safe and reliable, however entering multiple addresses for each set of stops in a daily route is time-consuming. During the day, routes may change, and drivers and dispatchers need a way to communicate quickly, safely and effectively.

Dispatch and navigation services are available for the EBR 6100, 6150 and 6151 GPS tracking beacons and Garmin™ Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs). From the EBR web application, Dispatchers may send jobs and messages to drivers, and monitor the status of jobs as drivers accept their jobs on the PND, navigate to the destination and complete these jobs.

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Features and Benefits

Driver IDIncrease accountability by knowing which driver was in which vehicle, historically and in real-time

Reduce dispatching complexity by sending messages to a driver, regardless of which vehicle they are operating. No need to cross reference driver/vehicle assignment lists.
Driver StatusImprove dispatcher productivity by knowing at glance the current status of Drivers - e.g. On Duty, Off Duty, etc. - and whether or not they have recently changed.
Send job location and description to driver's PNDImprove safety by reducing distractions to the driver. Eliminate reliance on paper maps.
Easy to select destinationSave time when dispatching vehicles to job sites.

Leverage your existing landmark entries, or just click on any point on a map.

Eliminate time-consuming entry of destinations into the PND.
View all jobs and MessagesOrganize and filter your dispatched jobs and messages for all vehicles in one easy screen.
Send messages to driverAvoid missed communications by exchanging short messages with your drivers.

Minimize driver distraction with simple "one-tap" responses using custom canned messages.
Dispatcher alertsGet audible and visible notifications when job states change or drivers send messages.