GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Systems - Asset Monitoring

Theft of vehicles, materials and equipment can severely affect your financial prosperity in a minimal amount of time. EBR's GPS Tracking systems can help you fight against theft by tracking your valuable and expensive assets. Construction equipment theft has become a multimillion-dollar business, it is estimated that the total value of equipment stolen annually ranges between $300 million and $1 billion.

Recommended GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

EBR Tracker 8200
EBR Tracker Mobile


  1. Locate lost or stolen property with exact location details and geographical positioning.

  2. Provides accurate fleet and asset data for profit/loss analysis, accountability and budget preparation.

  3. User friendly access to quality information and data relating to your specific industry.

  4. Establish geo-fence perimeters in order to notify you if your equipment should leave a predefined zone or job site.