GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Systems - Roofing

With demand for roofing materials and services is extremely intense and competitive. With all the challeneging obstacles existing in the current economy in combination with global demands are driving the service industry costs of essential commodities to rise. Inflationary pressures account for a portion of the increased cost of subcontractors, fuel prices, and the cost of compliance with regulations.

All of these variables relate to the cost of major roofing projects and non-expendable budgets. Evaluating the commericial and residential projects, it is apparent to monitor all company assets. EBR Consulting provides a wide range of essential real time tracking reports necessary to sustain and manage any major roofing project.

EBR's fleet tracking units simplify all of your complex operations and make it possible to execute the efficiencies that your company needs. With the tools and services we offer, calculating cost per mile becomes a fully automated process. Fleet GPS tracking equipment also ensures the accuracy of your values so you don’t have to second-guess your math or results. All the systems offered by EBR Consulting are built to endure with intact reliability and function. Trust our fleet tracking systems to work for you.

Recommended GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

EBR Tracker 6150
EBR Tracker 6450
EBR Tracker Mobile


  1. Capitalize on accurate fleet and asset data for profit/loss analysis, accountability and budget preparation.

  2. Reduce unnecessary over head costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, fleet maintenance, billing errors, over-time expenses, and unauthorized vehicle use.

  3. Provide efficient service by utilizing route guidance, turn by turn directions, traffic forecast features and communication capabilities.

  4. Capture and track engine run time on all heavy equipment.

  5. Increase operational efficiency with Global Tracking Communications advanced software.

  6. Locate lost or stolen property with exact location details and geographical positioning.

  7. Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating wait/down time, dispatch inaccuracies and tardiness.

  8. Receive Lower Insurance Rates by up to 35%. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have a Real Time GPS system.

  9. Develop strategic transportation planning schedules along with advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

  10. User friendly access to quality information and data relating to your specific industry.

  11. Provide safety and security to personnel with direct assistance and support.