GPS Tracking 8200

Asset Tracking Beacon

No matter how good a security infrastructure is, product theft and inventory shrinkage are a fact of life. In fact, property worth millions of dollars is lost, misplaced or stolen every day from construction sites, warehouses or while in transit.

The EBR 8200 is a wireless asset tracking beacon specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners with high value assets that are at risk of being stolen. The EBR 8200 utilizes state of the art location technology and is ideal for asset tracking applications because it is small, has a long battery life, and can be located indoors and in other challenging places where conventional GPS fails.

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Features and Benefits

Single point locateLow cost usage as needed
Real-time trackingHigh frequency tracking mode assists with theft recovery
Scheduled trackingSends out an automated locate on a schedule
Zone alertSends an alert if the beacon reports outside an allowed zone
Small, rugged and portableCan be discreetly inserted into a variety of package sizes
Hybrid-assisted GPS systemCan be located where conventional GPS fails, even indoors
Extended battery lifeUp to 30 days on a single charge
Internal antennasCompletely self contained, unlike traditional GPS tracking beacons
Uses cellular and PCS channelsAvailable to approximately 90% of US population
Operates on existing cellular E911 GPS reference service Robust network ensures reliable performance