GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Systems - Services

With a real time GPS vehicle tracking system, your business will grow and be more productive which will allow you to take on the competition. By using EBR's advanced GPS tracking system it will allow you the accuracy, efficiency, and time assets management that your company needs. Our GPS fleet tracking units will help your customer service by allowing you to see where your employees are at any given moment. The key to success within the service industry, is having your employees positioned to do their day-to-day operations that result in the most customer satisfaction.

With the tools and resources that EBR provides, it will allow you to be more profitable. It is now your turn to get ahold of the tools and resources that will situate both your performance and customer service among those of the highest order. With powerful GPS tracking technology, you can achieve the financial growth needed to gain a dominant position in your market. Do as much by maintaining accountability of your employees, assets, and commercial fleets. Our products are top notich in the industry with partnerships with Motorola, Enfora, and Texas Instruments to provide you with the best plug-and-play unit on the market.

Recommended GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

EBR Tracker 6150
EBR Tracker 6450
EBR Dispatch & Navigation


  1. Guarantee first-class customer service by providing real-time GPS vehicle tracking for fleet/asset accurate pick-up and delivery times while ensuring beneficial utilization of company vehicles and personnel.

  2. Serve more customers in less time; utilize route guidance, turn-by-turn directions, traffic-forecast features, and communication capabilities.

  3. Use GPS data as a time clock feature to capture job site arrive/leave times.

  4. Reduce unnecessary stress on dispatch personnel with real-time commercial fleet tracking information.

  5. Eliminate over head costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, billing errors, over-time expenses, fleet maintenance and unauthorized vehicle use.

  6. Receive Lower Insurance Rates by up to 35%. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have a Real Time GPS system.

  7. Improve vehicle utilization by eliminating unnecessary idle time and operating misuse.

  8. Locate lost or stolen property with exact location details and geographical positioning.

  9. Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating wait/down time, dispatch inaccuracies and tardiness.

  10. Capitalize on accurate fleet and asset data for profit/loss analysis, accountability and budget preparation.

  11. Develop strategic transportation planning schedules along with advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

  12. User friendly access to quality information and data relating to your specific industry.

  13. Provide safety and security to personnel with direct assistance and support.