GPS Tracking - Mobile

Track Fleet Personnel and Vehicles with a Mobile Device

Users with access to the GPS Fleet Tracker mobile app on iPhone and Android can now enable a tracking session on their smartphone, turning their phone into beacon in the Web Portal.

  • Operators can now manage mobile devices (iPhone and Android) as part of their fleet.
  • One easy screen tap in the mobile app starts a tracking session with 10-minute updates.
  • Drivers with a smartphone can now be tracked independently of the vehicle they are operating.

Mobile devices will appear along with vehicles in:

  • Map View
  • Route Log Reports
  • Event Details Reports

In order to enable this feature on a mobile device and in the EBR Web Portal, a EBR Mobile Tracker license is required.

Mobile Tracker License

The Mobile Tracker license does two things:

  1. Allows the Mobile Tracker user to start a location sharing session while logged in to the GPS Fleet Tracker app.
  2. Allows a personnel record in the Web Portal to be assigned to the Mobile device, so that they may be viewed in the Web Portal.

The Mobile Tracker license must be applied to both a User record, which determines the login credentials for the mobile app, and a Personnel record, which is the entity tracked by the system and viewed in maps and reports.

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