GPS Tracking 6150

Commercial Vehicle Productivity and Security

The 6150 and 6151* are cost-effective GPS tracking beacons designed for fleet management needs in local delivery and service fleets, mass transportation, utility vans and construction vehicles.

These beacons have a robust set of features including real time and scheduled tracking, plus zone and speed monitoring, a back-up battery and power-cut notification. Combined with our commercial mobile monitoring portal, subscribers can manage and view the location of any or all vehicles in a fleet, run a variety of valuable reports, and even manage vehicle maintenance alerts. Optional support for the Garmin™ Fleet Management protocol allows you to communicate with a driver using an in-vehicle personal navigation device.

Security features include vehicle theft detection and tracking.

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Features and Benefits

Single point locateLow cost usage as needed
Continuous trackingProvides real-time moving location to assist in vehicle recovery
Route logsArchive records of vehicle movements
Zone notificationsReceive notifications upon entering or exiting zones defined via the web interface - up to 5 zones monitored simultaneously
Speed notificationsReceive notifications upon crossing speed thresholds - 2 speed thresholds can be set
Arm where parkedAutomatically establish a secure perimeter around vehicle wherever it is parked
Panic button / alarm system inputAlerts appropriate personnel that immediate assistance is required
2 Auxiliary system monitoring inputsRemotely monitor any system that can indicate its status via a voltage change
2 Outputs - configure as toggle or pulseRemotely control vehicle functions such as door unlock, ignition disable, etc
Panic button / alarm system input (optional) Alerts appropriate personnel that immediate assistance is required
Backup batterProvides 1-2 hours of additional service in the event of a primary power cut
Optional: Dispatch and NavigationSend jobs and messages to drivers via personal navigation device (not included) and view responses in real-time