GPS Tracking 6550

Commercial Vehicle Productivity and Security

The EBR 6550 is a high-performance beacon designed for commercial productivity and security. It is ideally suited to installations in delivery and service fleets as well as public safety, mass transportation, utility, off-road or construction vehicles.

The EBR 6550 uses the latest HSPA (high speed packet access) network technology for fast and error-free data communication, and supports a robust set of features including real time and scheduled tracking, plus zone and speed monitoring, a back-up battery and power-cut notification. Combined with our commercial mobile monitoring portal, subscribers can manage and view the location of any or all vehicles in a fleet, run a variety of valuable reports, and even manage vehicle maintenance alerts.

Security features include unauthorized vehicle movement and relocation alerts.

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Features and Benefits

Real-time locationView location of vehicle on a map in real-time for dispatch and vehicle recovery
Route logsArchive records of vehicle movements
Ignition on/offKnow when vehicle engine is on or off for maintenance and productivity reports
Start and stop movementDetermine when actual arrival and departure times are
Zone notificationsReceive notifications upon entering or exiting zones defined via the web interface - up to 5 polygon zones and 5 circular zones monitored simultaneously
Speed notificationsReceive notifications upon crossing speed thresholds - 2 speed thresholds can be set
Power cut notificationReceive notifications when the primary power source is removed
Arm where parkedAutomatically establish a secure perimeter around vehicle wherever it is parked
2 Auxiliary system monitoring inputsRemotely monitor any system that can indicate its status via a voltage change
2 Outputs - configure as toggle or pulseRemotely control vehicle functions such as door unlock, ignition disable, etc
Backup batteryProvides 2-3 hours of additional service in the event of a primary power cut