GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Systems - Transportation

Our GPS fleet tracking systems assist you in minimizing your operating costs by reducing engine idle time, monitoring speeds, optimizing routes, eliminating after hours/weekend use and proactive vheicl maintenance to reduce your fuel costs. Moreover, you will have the ability to view detailed reports of all deliveries. This will allow you to view the location and time of all stops of each vehicle in your fleet. You will be able to analyze a driver's habits and make suggestion to improve the efficency of the driver.

Recommended GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

EBR Tracker 6150
EBR Tracker 6450
EBR Tracker Mobile


  1. Reduction in unnecessary overhead costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, billing errors, overtime expenses, fleet maintenance, and unauthorized vehicle use.

  2. Receiving lowered insurance rates by up to 35 percent as for vehicles equipped with a real-time GPS satellite tracking system, many insurance companies offer discounted premiums.

  3. Ability to monitor daily use of your fleet/freight resources.

  4. Improvement in vehicle utilization through the elimination of unnecessary idle time and operating misuse.

  5. Guaranteed first-class customer service in the provision of real-time asset and fleet GPS tracking.

  6. Accurate pickup and delivery times and the ensured beneficial utilization of company vehicles and personnel.

  7. Increased employee productivity and efficiency through the elimination downtime, dispatch inaccuracies, and tardiness.

  8. Opportunity to capitalize on accurate and precise asset and fleet management data for profit/loss analysis, accountability, and budget preparation.

  9. Capacity to develop strategic transportation routes and schedules along with advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

  10. User-friendly access to quality information and data related to your specific industry, truck tracking, for instance.

  11. Ability to locate lost or stolen property with exact location details made possible by geographical positioning technology.

  12. Added safety and security for personnel in the form of direct assistance and support.

  13. Ability to better compete with market rivals through unparalleled commercial fleet tracking capabilities.