Your Business

As a business owner or operator, your bottom line is your first priority. Whether you have 5 or 500 vehicles, you have concerns about:

  • safety & security
  • productivity
  • customer service

In addition, you are concerned about the assets and employees that travel in these vehicles.

Get Results Quickly

Mobile monitoring using GPS technology provides information on the location and status of your company's vehicles, helping you better manage your mobile resources.

Best of all, the system is completely web-based and extremely user-friendly. That means:

  • No computer hardware to purchase
  • No software to install
  • No extensive training required

Get started quickly - see results immediately!

View Your Fleet

From a single screen, track the status of your vehicles, including:

  • Current location
  • Nearest to a particular address
  • Nearest to a particular landmark
  • "stops" for the day

Improve customer service by re-routing field personnel on the fly.

Eliminate on the job moonlighting by reviewing driver route logs.

Reduce operating costs by making sure drivers are taking the best routes between jobs.

Receive Alerts

The system automatically sends alerts via email or to your cell phone for any of the following events:

  • Zone entry or departure
  • Speed violation
  • Panic button activation
  • Auxiliary input trigger
  • Maintenance due

There is always the option of having 24/7 third-party alarm monitoring of critical events.

Generate Reports

Need information to address a customer billing dispute? Wondering why a particular employee makes less service calls than others? Are you required to file
transportation logs on each of your drivers? Your mobile monitoring system can generate a wide range of reports that provide critical information on fleet activities:

  • Stop report
  • Stop by Landmark
  • Fleet status
  • Route log
  • Vehicle idle time
  • Trip detail
  • State by State mileage
  • Mileage summary
  • Engine hours
  • Pending maintenance

Report data is available online, and can be exported for use in Excel and other programs. Key reports can also be scheduled for automatic delivery via email in a variety
of formats, including PDF. Reqardless of how you use the system, you are now equipped with location and status information about your fleet that is important to you.

Real-Time Peace of Mind

Help your customers keep track of the things important to them with GPS-based mobile monitoring from Contigo. Whether for their vehicles, assets, personnel or loved ones, today's GPS technology can help provide real-time peace of mind about the location and status of the items they care about most.


If it's valuable, it's at risk of being stolen. Using small, weatherproof GPS beacons with long battery lives, Contigo has a solution for nearly any commercial asset tracking need: indoor, outdoor or in-transit.


Fleet or equipment managers can benefit from Contigo’s productivity solutions. Keep track of miles traveled, engine hours, start/stops and a host of other relevant operational data.

Family Safety

Families can now extend the security umbrella beyond their home by using GPS to monitor their vehicles, children, pets and elderly parents.

Informative & Easy to Use

From any web-accessible computer, your customers can monitor the status of their mobile items through a secure web portal. They can get real-time location information, run reports on historical activity, and set up alerts that can go to their email, cell phone or even a central monitoring station.